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Private Investigator

The past few years saw a steady increase in the crime rate in India. Be it corporate crimes, or physical robberies, the basic safety of the common man has been compromised. In these times, the need for a private investigator becomes very urgent. Whether it is an employee background check in your company or a pre-matrimonial check on your partner, private investigators have become intrinsic in keeping up the general safety of the public.  A question about the legality of the practice of a private investigator often comes up. Since the actions of a private investigation warrant an in-depth search into the subject’s life, to wonder whether it’s legal or not is perfectly natural. Are you from Chennai? We have the best Private Investigators for you!  It is perfectly legal for you to hire a private investigator for any trouble that you might be facing in your private or professional…

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Background Verification for Marriage

The wedding is the most anticipated wedding celebration for anyone. It’s the biggest day in your life that determines the way your future is shaping out. If you’re confident that you’re marrying the most suitable person, nothing stands in the way of your happiness. A lifetime commitment to be a good neighbor is a sign of trust and faith in one another. This is why it is crucial to conduct a background verification for marriage. Why do you need verification prior to the wedding? The pre-matrimonial Investigation has been gaining more attention in the present when many marriages end up with divorce. No matter if it’s an arrangement or relationship of love, there’s no reason to avoid pre-matrimonial inquiries. The background verification for marriage will ensure that you’re in the right marriage that will support you through thick and thin. A variety of personal investigation and detective agencies provide discreet…

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victim of cybercrime

Cybercrime is a constant threat, It may seem like hackers stealing your financial data is the only type of cybercrime that you should be worried about. This is not the case. There are more than basic financial concerns. Cybercrime continues its evolution, with new threats emerging each year. It’s tempting to give up the internet altogether after hearing about all the cybercrimes and the victim of cybercrime. It’s likely too drastic. Knowing how to identify cybercrime is important to protect your data and yourself. Important steps include taking basic precautions, knowing who to call if you find others engaging in criminal activities online, and knowing how to contact them. Although you might be interested in cybercrime prevention, here’s the truth: It is impossible. But you can take preventative measures to guard against cybercrime. What is cybercrime? Cybercrime can be defined as any crime that is committed online or primarily on…

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Social Media Investigation

Social media content is now being used as evidence in court cases to establish credibility and foundation or support alibis. They also provide important information that is relevant to court proceedings. The benefits are endless in scope, from direct and reliable evidence to risk assessments and continuous evidence of the actions. No matter whether it’s a civil or a criminal matter social media is an increasingly effective tool for providing evidence in courtrooms. What exactly does a social media investigation need?  What is a social media investigation? An investigation into social media focuses on posts on social networks pictures, status updates, status updates, and even conversations with one particular person. It is possible to require a social network investigation to: a court case custody battle Background checks divorce case This can be used in court proceedings to prove an alibi, and can also be used to provide documents, to aid…

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Pre Matrimonial Enquiry

What Does Pre Matrimonial Enquiry mean? Pre Matrimonial Enquiry which is also known as a premarital investigation typically involves locating and reviewing personal, professional, and financial information on the subject of the investigation. Pre Matrimonial Enquiry is usually conducted by the professional detectives of reputed investigation agencies. They often collect information to settle your concern about getting married to the right person. They collect information about your would-be spouse to keep your future safe. Why is the need for Pre Matrimonial Enquiry Rising Rising cases of fraud and abuse, especially in the National Capital, increases the need for a pre-matrimonial enquiry. Following are the reasons pre matrimonial investigation has increased its importance. Protect yourself from post-marital abuse Marriage is a life lifetime decision and you cannot take it casually as you are planning to spend your whole life with your companion because the companion should be compatible to spend the…

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Private Investigation Agency

Conducting investigations is a very tricky and tedious job. Having said that, Private Investigation Agencies rigorously work towards the needs of their clients which are really hard to get. Sometimes this desperation can lead them into pushing the boundaries of investigations into a grey area where they might invade the privacy of others or in extreme circumstances, break a law. Such situations should not arise and private investigators should always work with a sense of moral code so that they do not invade someone else’s privacy. Since there are no set regulations for these agencies in India, conducting investigations is not illegal. Combining this with the advancements in technology, today it is very easy to conduct unlawful activities like phone tapping, Bugging someone’s house, GPS tracking, etc. These circumstances call for a strict and thorough code of ethics and uphold the morality and privacy of the people while working inside…

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