Asset Verification

Asset Verification, guaranteed satisfaction at affordable charges

AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. is one of the topmost private detectives for Asset Verification agencies in India and Overseas. AMX Detectives Asset tracing Services are designed to locate and identify company or individually held assets such as real estate property, vehicles, business ownership interests, income sources, and liabilities such as civil litigation, judgments, tax liens, defaults and bankruptcies. Professional analysis of each matter will often afford further relevant information, which will be detailed in our report.

Supporting documentation may be located and retrieved upon request. Field activity will be conducted in most instances to verify findings and develop additional information. A Comprehensive Asset Search is recommended for matters involving multiple subject debtors or missing/hidden assets.

Our Asset tracing Services offers verification and discovery of hidden assets, real and other property, bank accounts and the real worth of commercial or personal entities. We locate debtors, conduct background investigations on companies and individuals, and locate tangible assets such as source of income, banking relations and unsecured and real property.

AMX Detectives has the expertise of locating particular asset or assets including hidden asset or benami assets in the name of individual or company and provide documents to prove the authenticity of the information. AMX Detectives is also capable to establish the link between the owner of bename property and actual owner and AMX Detectives pvt ltd has a very very high rate of success.

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