AMX- A stands for Able, M stands for mentally strong and X stands for X-Ray. We believe that an excellent detective should have these three qualities. AMX Detectives is a private detective agency based out of New Delhi. Mr Baldev Kumar Puri is the Chairman of the company with an experience of 35+ years as a private Detective. With an elite team of young, enthusiastic and intelligent private detectives we have solved 12000+ cases. We understand that reaching a private detective can be a tough decision and a person reaching out to us can be in a complicated situation.

Our goal is to provide full support and satisfaction to our clients by solving their cases with 100% accuracy. Not just that! We believe that every person has an investigator within them. They just need the right direction. We also aim to guide and educate our client so that they can keep themselves safe from evils happening in the world. As a professional investigation agency, we respect our client’s privacy. We make sure that the information about our client shared is kept confidential during the investigation.

We provide all types of personal detective services such as Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Surveillance, debugging, undercover operations and much more. We also provide Corporate Investigation Services Like Pre Employment Investigation, Post Employment Investigation, Employee Theft, Asset Verification, Missing Person Investigation, etc. We have private detectives specialised in every field of investigation. A professional detective with good experience is allocated to solve your case.

We have a huge network all over India in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Maharashtra and many states. The whole process of investigation includes various steps. First of all, the client reaches out to us, we schedule the first meeting with the client, understand their problem and conduct deep analysis, prepare a time-bounded plan for the investigation and conduct the investigation in the planned manner.

Mr Baldev Kumar Puri has won many investigation awards in this field. He is also a distinguished member of the Association of Detectives and Investigators. He is working as the Deputy General Secretary there. Having one of the best detectives in India as the chairman of the company we can proudly say that we are the best Detective Agency in Delhi and all over India.

Personal Detectives Services in Delhi, India

Our personal investigation services include a wide range of cases: Extra marital affairs, Surveillance, Divorce cases, Video monitoring, Background check etc..

Marriage is a lifelong bond. Before making this bond, you must be certain about your potential partner. You should ensure that the marriage is based on truth and your potential partner is not hiding any crucial information from you. To help you with this AMX Detective has Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services. Under this, a proper background check of your potential partner is done. If we find anything suspicious about him/her we also shadow the suspect to note his/her outdoor activities. This way we help you to make an accurate decision for your life.
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Post Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi
Do you think that your spouse is hiding something important from you and it is affecting your married life? We professionally handle all the post matrimonial cases of our clients. If you have any doubts regarding your spouse background, medical situations, extramarital affairs, etc we can help you with our Investigation Services by conducting a background check and clear all your doubts.
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Divorce Cases Investigation in Delhi
The decision of taking a divorce from your partner can be very disturbing. You might never know the real reason of the divorce for your whole life. Rather than living in confusion forever, it is good to hire a private detective agency to conduct a Divorce Case Investigation which will help you to figure out the real reason for divorce and get closure.
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Loyalty Test Detectives in Delhi
If your partner has suddenly started keeping his/her phone locked, coming late at home or you are observing his/her changed behaviour it might force you to think that he/she might be cheating on you. It’s good to be sure rather than just assuming. AMX Detective is a private detective agency working in the field of investigation for more than 35 years. Our Loyalty Test Investigation services will help you to know if your partner is loyal to you or not, whether he/she is having an extramarital affair? We help you to gather facts and evidence about the situation and you know the truth.
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Extramarital Affairs Investigation in Delhi
If your partner is having an extramarital affair then your marriage can take a bad turn. It can even lead to divorce. You will just be in suspense and doubt but your partner will never let you know the truth. AMX Detectives is the detective agency in Delhi providing extramarital investigation. We will help you in clearing your doubt about your partner with the help of facts and evidence.
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Litigation support
Court Instances could grow as a nightmare. You may get advocates to win your case but the simplest of the arguments can take a bad turn. The court may ask for evidence to support the argument. AMX Detectives has achieved expertise in such litigation and helps you get success in your case. We provide our customers with full litigation support and guide in court cases and assist you with our full ability.
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Private Detectives in Delhi For still photo and videography
AMX Detectives aim to provide satisfaction to their clients by providing strong and clear evidence in the form of photographs, videos and even audios. These proofs are sometimes required by the Judicial of India and can help you make your case stronger. For such cases, experienced, smart and reputed detectives are working in our Detective Agency in Delhi and all over India.
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Undercover Operations in Delhi
Undercover Operation is a feature of AMX Detectives required for both personal and corporate cases. In personal cases, clients want to keep a check on their husband, wife, fiancee, etc. In the corporate sector, it might be required by an employer to keep a check on the employee, competitor, running trade union etc. It is generally required to stop theft, fraud, irregulated activity in the organisation and to know the reasons for low productivity.
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Surveillance Detective Agency in Delhi, India
Surveillance Detectives are required for cases like Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation, Corporate Investigation, keeping a check on your partner etc. Our clients get a clearer picture if they opt for this service. It helps to know what the suspect is doing for the whole day by covering all his/her outdoor activities. Being the best detective agency, AMX provides accurate results to its clients with all the proofs and facts and satisfies them at its best.
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Corporate Detectives Services in Delhi, India

Our corporate detectives & investigation services include a wide range of cases such as Pre-Employment Verifications, Post-Employment Verifications, Due Diligence & Credit Worthiness, Infringement of Trademark and Copyright, Frauds, Cheating and Embezzlements, Under-Cover Operations, Industrial Espionage & Counter Espionage, Risk Analysis etc..

Pre Employment Verifications in India
Pre Employment Verification is one of the most essential services of AMX Detectives. Before letting any employee in your organisation it is crucial to conduct a proper background check of the employee. On average, 10% of the employees lie about their background or qualification to increase their chances of being selected. It is always better to spend some penny rather than bearing the cost later.
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Post Employment Verifications By Private Detectives in Delhi
To maintain a healthy environment in any organisation it is good to conduct a background check of employees at regular intervals. It can save your organisation from employee fraud also. Being one of the best detective agencies we provide Post Employment verification services in Delhi and all over India. This helps employers to get trustworthy employees in the organisation.
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Asset verification
AMX Detectives is one of the leading detective agencies in India providing best Asset Verification Detective Services, which can help you in assessing the situation...
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Missing Person Investigations in Delhi - India
Missing person cases can either be personal or corporate. It can be your relative, friend, an employee in the organisation. This situation can be distressing. AMX Detectives understand your case and do its best to find the missing person. In missing person investigation, we use different techniques and resources to find the person. We do all possible things to find the person related to you.
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Trademark Infringement
AMX Detectives will protect your organization from counterfeit merchandise and gray market trading. We have been actively locating and purchasing counterfeit...
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Private Detectives in Delhi for Employee Theft
we understand that it is not practical to wait for a number of weeks to obtain the required information and risk losing a potentially valuable member of staff.
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Business Interference
AMX Detectives will help you out in business Interference simplest to forestall your losses. Enterprise way competition and competition can get nasty.
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Risk Analysis
Risk analysis is a term that broadly defines the implementation of investigative methods to gauge potential risks. This encapsulates a variety of situations...
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Trademark Infringement
Financial institutions and corporations find it is invaluable to have thorough, detailed knowledge of new business associations. AMX Detectives India provides the necessary financial...
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The Chairperson of AMX Detectives (P) Ltd.
About AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. !!
Investigations awards in private detectives field in the year 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 & 2019.
Mr. Baldev Kr. Puri, the Chairman of AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. has his career into this field from Grass root level and till today he is having an experience of more than 35 years in this investigation profession. He is Professional, Private Detective and Investigator in Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharastra, rest of India and overseas also with proven track record & supported by the team of young & experienced professionals Investigators. The mission of the "AMX" is to provide reliable & dependable net all over India & tie up with Professional investigation companies in abroad. His Detectives Company in India and overseas is today professional, quality conscious & versatile investigation company in India, providing specialized services to Corporate as well as Non- Corporate (Individual) Sectors. Their aim is to understand the problem of their client first and then the specific requirements of the client are studied & identified in the first Meeting or through E-Mail and thereafter, investigation commences in a planned, time bound manner. Detailed plan of surveillance and investigation enquiry is maintained on honesty, accuracy & confidentially of each case.
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Why AMX Detectives

AMX Detectives India is providing the quality investigation services in India & abroad and the Chairman of the company Mr.Baldev Kr. Puri is the distinguished member of Association of Private Detectives and Investigators and he is the Executive Director – Delhi Chapter of this Association.

We have successfully solved millions of cases

We have successfully solved millions of cases and that is why we are reckoned among the most trusted detective agencies in Delhi, India. Team of professionals at AMX detectives understands the importance of privacy, so all the information provided by our clients remains confidential. Apart from this, we never reveal the identity of our clients to anyone at any cost. We are truly creative and passionate for finding and revealing the truth for all our clients to ease their mind.

Keep complete transparency with the clients

We also keep complete transparency with the clients and update them at every step of investigation. Our professional detectives are aware of all the latest tools, techniques and equipments used for conducting the investigation. All types of professional investigation services provided by AMX are cost-effective and customized according to every individual's need.

AMX detectives strives to obtain

AMX detectives strives to obtain the most suitable and effective equipments to ensure quick success of every case. We provide accurate results and comprehensive investigation reports in committed time frame to meet our clients' expectations. Our main goal is to handle and solve every case with honesty, integrity, sincerity, morality, fidelity, and good consciences. In addition, AMX Detectives also takes care of conducting every investigation within the limits of legality, morality and professional ethics.

AMX Detectives takes care of:

  • Using the latest techniques and equipments
  • Maintaining the integrity
  • Keeping the cost low
  • Confidentiality of client
  • Providing updates of the case to clients
  • Conducting the investigation secretly
  • Respecting the law firms

Specialized Detective Services in Delhi, India!

AMX Detectives are specialized in all Kind of Investigations services like Pre/post Martial investigation in Delhi, Missing person investigation in Delhi, Divorce cases Investigation in Delhi, surveillance Detectives in Delhi, Fraud investigation, Cyber crime Investigation, Corporate investigation in Delhi, Business background check, Sting operations Etc.

Matrimonial Detectives

AMX Detectives is one of the best, trustworthy, top secret Matrimonial Detectives Investigator Delhi, Private Detectives / Investigation Company in Delhi, New Delhi which is handling all kind of Matrimonial assignments since their inception in 1986. The chairman – Mr. Baldev Kr. Puri of AMX Group is working into this profession since 1986 and his thoughts are very clear as far as matrimonial assignments are concerned i.e. everyone wants to hide some information's from his / her prospective partner as they are frightened the marriage proposal will slip from their hands if the other party will come to know the real picture of it.Read more

Employment Detectives

To hire any employee who has already done the frauds in his previous organization or due to his bad habits the company had thrown him or her out and if you have not checked the candidate credentials by saving the few thousands rupees, it may harm your company growth. The Pre Employment enquiry of the candidate is quite important.

The few companies are filling their vacancies by getting it referred by the senior management employees of their own company. No doubt they are saving few thousands rupees but what they are getting in lieu of that and that is bad repudiated employee whose nature is create problems in the organization and who can tarnish the reputation of the company.Read more

Surveillance Detectives

The team of Investigators in India conducting the significant amount of the matrimonial enquiries in Delhi, corporate investigations in India, Gay surveillances, Surveillance to male to female, male to male, female to female and female to male in the form of surveillance which is done by personal detectives in Delhi, NCR and professional investigators in India.

Detectives/Investigators in India are doing surveillance which is related to intelligence and information gathering. However, AMX Detectives have found that one of the best ways to establish what an individual is doing in his / her entire day and covering his / her outdoor activities for few couple of days is by placing them under surveillance and observing their movements on a daily basis.Read more

meet our team work

AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. team founded within the yr. 1986 by way of Mr. Baldev Puri. At the moment it is likely one of the famous private detective agency for its workforce individuals. These famous personalities are too much noted for their teamwork in Investigation World not handiest in India but additionally across the globe.

Best & Professional Private Detectives Team in Delhi, India

Mr. Baldev Puri

Chairman of AMX Detectives (P) Ltd.
Manisha Puri is Director of Private Detective Agency in Delhi

Manisha Puri

Director of AMX Detectives (P) Ltd.

Tanya Puri

Matrimonial Counsellor of AMX Detectives Pvt

What Our Clients Say's

AMX Detectives Delhi worked as Pre Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi in my case. Mr Puri made me feel completely at ease when going over case details and logistics. I received a professional report and all the snap-shots as well. I highly recommend them. They saved me from a bad future!!

I frantically looked for a way to get rid of my abusive husband who dealt with drugs everyday. AMX detectives and Mr. Puri came to my rescue. With the help of surveillance investigations, they were able to provide the strong proof so soon! Such flawless Matrimonial detectives services in Delhi and other metro cities. Full Marks!!!

We hired AMX Detectives Delhi to conduct Pre Employment Vetting on potential employees and they honesty saved us from so many bad hires! Their Background Verifications were so detailed and different from the typical internet ones. I recommend AMX to everyone i meet now!

Best Post Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi as I have given my Post Matrimonial investigation work in Chandigarh as well as Delhi and found them the best. This is my thinking. I have not tried others detectives even but Mr. Puri concern in the case bound me to think, he is the best detectives in India.

Thanks M/s AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. and it's chairman Mr. Baldev Puri for handling our company corporate detectives jobs of Pre employment checks in Delhi and Mumbai efficiently and hoping the same kind of treatment and services will be offered to us as far as your services are concerned for any new check up or assignment.

The matrimonial detectives in delhi is doing the Pre matrimonial investigations in delhi as well as the Post matrimonial detectives in delhi, New Delhi, India. I have given my sister case to them and in last got satisfied with their results and working on the case. I am working in Corporate sector and would like more work on employment checks in Delhi and believe that this company may help us for Pre employment detectives in delhi, Pre employment investigations in delhi as well as the Post employment investigations in delhi and they are among the best detectives in delhi..

I am happy to get their matrimonial investigation services and love to see their passion and dedications towards their detective business and warm approach towards their client. I feel they are the best detectives in Delhi.

Excellent detective's services provider in Delhi including matrimonial, surveillance, personal, under-cover and much more. Matrimonial Detectives I gave my 2 personnel investigation cases to AMX Detectives, both were Matrimonial Cases and got excellent results at the end. The surveillance detective's service provided by them was amazing...i am very much satisfied by AMX detective's team...

AMX Detectives and Investigation Agents providing very good services in Investigation our client cases and I am very much satisfied with the services of AMX to solve our cases. Very- very thanks to Mr. Puri

The AMX team assisted me in bringing out the truth in my marriage and saved me from continuing to live and fear and doubt. If anyone is reading this review and is thinking about getting any kind of investigation done, trust me you have come to the right place.....as the way they handled my case with such professionalism there is no way that any truth can be hidden from them. Thank you so much AMX Team...for giving me a chance to live again. :)

Hi dear AMX detectives services proves itsel as best services in India and abroad. I am totally depend on this service as i had to detect or want to know about my parterner. Only AMX detective's pre matrimonial services helped me out to resolve this issue now i am very much satisfied.

It is not enough to say that AMX detective services are at the top as it facilitates its customer with complete satisfaction. It resolves my friend's matrimonial case very smoothly. Now she is living with her husband as he is proves himself as positive in his loyality test.

AMX detectives services helps me alot in verifying employee details as it provides me the complete solution with pre employement verification. Literally i sort out my all problems related to this issue. Now each and every employee of my company working sincerly, so I very much thankful to AMX detective services as pre employement cerification.

Literally AMX detective services are very much liable and i am very thankful to him. I always thought that my life becomes hell because i found too much fraud with my job but only and only AMX detective services that helps me out. AMX detective u r GREAT.

Private detectives delhi who does matrimonial investigations work with the team of personal investigators in delhi are the amx detectives and one can rely on their results. I assigned the matrimonial job to them and felt comfortable after getting their outputs.