Pre Employment Investigation

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To hire any employee who has already done the frauds in his previous organization or due to his bad habits the company had thrown him or her out and if you have not checked the candidate credentials by saving the few thousands rupees, it may harm your company growth. The Pre Employment enquiry of the candidate is quite important.

The few companies are filling their vacancies by getting it referred by the senior management employees of their own company. No doubt they are saving few thousands rupees but what they are getting in lieu of that and that is bad repudiated employee whose nature is create problems in the organization and who can tarnish the reputation of the company.

Generally, employees are submitting their false CV (Resume) to get the job in the respected company. They are fabricating it and making as per the requirement of the company. They do not disclose the correct data as far as the salary, period of working in the previous companies where they have worked.

When a situation arises where there is doubt as to the legitimacy Pre-Employment Detectives, are able to confirm the details contained and, where necessary, check to see if any previous employment details have been omitted. Pre-Employment Detectives/ Investigator in Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata Chennai Punjab offer a full package of employment screening services including verification of credentials and references, and character evaluation. Each check will provide the most accurate and current information available, summarized and provided to you in an easy to read investigative report. Pre-Employment Detectives/Investigator Delhi can be provided quickly and efficiently since we understand that it is not practical to wait for a number of weeks to obtain the required information and risk losing a potentially valuable member of staff. Pre-Employment Detectives/ Investigator in Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata Chennai Punjab work with you to determine the information you need to make informed, responsible hiring decisions.

Our company can save you from these fraudulent employees as ours is the best detective company who is doing the employment screening and employment screening for business has been our area of specialization for over a decade. Pre Employment Detectives/Investigator in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and other part of India as well as World.

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