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Best Marriage & Divorce Counselor in Delhi

Marriage Counseling

When married life is going smoothly, then everything looks fine, however, if you find any issue in your marriage, it is high time to consult a marriage counselor. Marriages are meant to be the lifetime relationship but it depends upon the personalities and characteristics of individuals. Sometimes the couple needs to solve their mutual issues with a peaceful mind and figure out the root cause of differences. There may be a compatibility issue, but as we all know this thing takes time. AMX Detective is an eminent Marriage Counseling where our relationship counselors not only mend the complicate issues of couples but also help them to develop their bonding throughout detecting and self-discovering the problems you are going through with your spouse.

We thoroughly work upon problems occurring in post-marriage such as repeat fights and arguments, domestic and sexual violence, interference of parents, self-respect issue, property issue and all that. The couple can get appropriate consultation from us to arrange a joint session or single person also take an appointment for counseling sessions.

  • Not giving space to each other
  • Disrespect each other opinion
  • Influence of the third person to build up misunderstand between both of you
  • Tolerating an insalubrious relationship for the sake of your kids
  • Frequent argument that leads to quarrel without any reason
  • Unnecessary dragging parents in every fight

What can you expect from us?

Pre Matrimonial Counseling for a future couple to know each character and personality deeply so that they can understand each other’s likes and dislikes before they take the decision of getting married.

Post Matrimonial counseling for married people who reside in the same home with one another but they are not leaving peacefully and quarreling with each other. However, both want to mend their issues and want to live a normal life.

How our Marriage Counseling Work for Couples

We at AMX Detective, ensure that you and your spouse conduct a counseling session with us. It will help both of you to sort out misunderstanding and differences reasonably and consequently mend problems that are ruining your relationship. We will assist you in making you aware of the features and drawbacks of each other and the people attached to understand, the real reason for differences and quarrel between both of you.

If somehow your partner in a denial mode to live with you and not willing to join the session, you can visit us personally. However it would be better if the couple comes together, but if it not possible, then we have way out for that. We would analyze the behavior and temper of your partner and try to bring adjustment solution. If you bring your partner, that will be more than fine, we will work as the relationship mentors and help both of you survive with the emotions and loving memories between both of you. It might bring you close and also look upon the issues that you both are having each other. Sometimes it may be possible that both of you are staring at each other and want others to start the conversation and waiting for the start. We would assist in remove differences and wrong overview about each other to the front

The session requires every couple, are different on the basis of the improvement status in their relationship. Some couple needs counseling for 2-3 weeks whereas some people require several months on the basis of their complicated relationship.

Divorce Counseling

Thinking of seeking a divorce after marriage is no less than a catastrophe. Affairs, arguments, violence are the most probable symptoms that creep in between couples and lead to this sad end. However, most respect that you could give to your relationship is in the form of seeking a closure together i.e. opt for Divorce Counselling. It could help you understand the deeper problems that either went unnoticed or felt impossible to deal with.

If you are having thought to quit your married life by taking divorce because of not having the bonding that you used to share with your partners in the earlier times, then you need the divorce counseling. The reason for divorce commonly is an extramarital affair, infidelity, over possessiveness, abuse, violence, sexual violence, and others. However, if you have already taken a decision to not to live together, then you should consult a divorce counselor so that your future life lead to normal, and you can end your relationship with a happy note. The divorce counseling provided by AMX detective would definitely help you to notice things that were probably easy to solve, but both of you were not initiated due to ego clashes and personal insecurity.

The right time to make an appointment for Divorce Counselling

People generally take this counseling, when they are going with trauma after knowing the infidelity of their partner, differences that lead to a big quarrel, not giving importance as earlier, issues in compatibility and communication.

Besides filing for divorce in court or having a dispute on the custody of child, alimony and all that, our counseling help both of you to spend quality time. It will give you time to understand what went wrong between both of you and how you can handle the problem in a communicative and systematic way, so your relationship doesn’t go in a bitter phase. Sometimes, one of the partners decided to quit the relationship and file for divorce and the other partner not willing to end the lifetime relationship ,so in that situation the different agenda is dealt with the expert couple counselor and AMX detective has well-experienced divorce counselor to monitor the situation and bring the best possible solutions out of it.

Some of the Possible Reasons for couples to get the help of Divorce counseling comprises:

  • Aware of each other extramarital affair
  • Misunderstanding due to the influence of the Third person
  • If a couple doesn’t want to continue the marriage
  • The absence of compatibility due to a long distance relationship
  • Bearing each other, without having any cordial connection
  • Sexual and domestic violence

Giving Counselling Even Post Divorce

We at AMX Detective Agency, we are also available to give counseling while improving phase of your divorce as well as post-divorce as both of couple feel stressed and lonely in the result of leaving the custom of marriage, which is quite possible.

We understand this tragic and unwilling situation of the couple as well as individuals. We help them to move on their life and start a new journey of life. In most of the cases couple agreed to preserve a friendly and cooperative relationship with their ex-life partner, so that they can live their further peacefully for the better future of their kids, which might be difficult for them, but after counseling they live their life normally and move on with the new beginning.

That’s why counseling is an ideal way where a couple can communicate and improve their perception of regret and disbelief with each other and quit the relationship with a happy ending.

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