Debugging Services and Bug-Swapping in India

Hire Private Investigators for Debugging Services and Bug-Swapping in India

Debugging, also known as Bug-Detection or Bug-Swapping is a term used to detect small hidden objects that could be disastrous if not caught in time. Those affected by this swindle are always left wondering these questions- What is a bug? Why does an individual plant a bug? What's the benefit of it?

A bug comes in all forms- Room transmitters, video/audio transmitters, hidden cameras, vehicle trackers and telephone bugs to name a few. The harm it is capable of causing is enormous. Planting it at anyone’s residence, office or in vehicle by which they commute poses a potential threat to their privacy.

More than at personal settings, De-Bugging is a bigger threat at offices or workspaces as the competitors get the benefit out of it, getting all the information on their plate, what plans the company has for its growth and also get privy to the in-house discussions that happen within members. The same applies to when bugs are installed in the vehicles owned by the individual and companies.

We, the team of AMX Detectives are specialised to debug your premises, whether it’s your residence, office or personal vehicles- cars, vans and SUVs. Our team at AMX Detectives does Debugging- technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM), which is the process for finding these gadgets.

A celebrated personality, unfortunately, becomes a prey to this vicious bugging. It could even begin with someone who is someone just jealous of your growth and wants news on your future growth plans.

We, at AMX Detectives are a team of professional detectives and investigators since 1986 for the last 33 years & have our specialised team as well as modern gadgets to deal with it whether it is bug-sweeping or bug-detection.

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